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  • 4 cool things created Minecraft [video]

    Minecraft is an extremely popular game, but divided opinions among players. While some consider it a game for children, others spend hours and hours at the computer and connected to the title developed by Mojang.

    But no matter what your opinion, one thing we can not deny that some beautiful buildings have been created with the small blocks of the game. You not agree yet? So get ready to meet five spectacular maps created already using the bloquinhos Minecraft.

    4. The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

    All corners of the gigantic universe of The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time have been recreated countless times in Minecraft. Besides the vastness of Hyrule Field, all dungeons and other locations - in addition to small details - were transformed into blocks. As if that were not enough, some maps are still quite playable, with mechanics that attempt to mimic the original game.

    3. Pacman in Vanilla Minecraft w / Real Ghost AI

    This item on our list may not stand out because of the greatness, but because of the complexity that must have required. Believe: A Minecraft player was able to create an arcade inside the game and make him run the classic Pac-Man. Besides having the nostalgic look, the game also brings the artificial intelligence of the ghosts, sound effects and animations present in the original title.

    2. Minecraft Earth 1: 1500 scale version 2!

    Nothing better than using real world things to represent the greatness of something, is not it? How about using our own Earth for comparison? Yes, this is another colossal project Minecraft, which illustrates our beloved planet on a scale of 1: 1500. Despite having used tools for the creation, giant map still impressive.

    1. Biggest Minecraft pixel art in the world! Kerrigan and Diablo

    And to close with a flourish, we present the proposal appears in the video above. At first it does not look like much, but what if we said that it was built using one million, one hundred twenty-eight thousand, nine hundred and sixty (1,128,960 million) blocks in Minecraft placed one by one?

    Yes, this illustration of Deathwing (World of Warcraft), Kerrigan (StarCraft) and Diablo (Diablo franchise), which took over 23 weeks to get ready, was witnessed by centanas people in the Twitch and is a real world record.

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  • Eight games addictive to play everywhere

    Play for a few minutes and take some fun it can be easy with some games for mobile or portable video games. Games like Pokémon, Crossy Road, Plants Vs. Zombies and derivatives are part of a list that can be leveraged for a while in line at the bank, on the street, in the range of a job and so on. Check out the tips of new games that indicate any situation:

    Pokémon Shuffle

    Pokemon Go is an extremely fun game, but it requires some time and also around the city to work well. Pokémon Shuffle is different, despite using the same theme with pocket monsters. Here, the important thing is to form sets of Pokémon to score points and capture new creatures.
    Pokémon Shuffle

    The game is a lot of fun puzzles and that can be used for a short time. It is available for free on mobile devices iPhone (iOS) and Android, and also on the eShop of the Nintendo 3DS.

    Crossy Road

    Crossy Road is not so new, but receives constant updates that always leaves "freshly baked" in the minds of players. The game suggests that old maxim of "chicken crossing the road", but in different environments.

    Crossy Road

    With graphics in retro style, we need to help not only a chicken, but other creatures, in crossing dangerous and busy environments. The game is fast and the phases do not take more than a few minutes.

    Vintage Game Shop

    Vintage Game Shop was made thinking of gamers who collect old games as well as consoles. The game works like a used goods store that buys and sells this type of material. It is necessary to analyze a cartridge that someone is you offer for sale, so you do not lose money on the resale later.
    Vintage Game Shop

    Despite being originally a game for browsers, it was also released on the Android, with the same content and system. Vintage Game Shop is very interesting because it also shows some of the history of each game that appears on the counter.

    Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes

    Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes was recently released by EA on iPhone devices (iOS) and Android and comes with a footprint "Hearthstone" for the friendly creatures universe. This is a game very fast and fun card.
    Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes

    In the game, control characters in the universe Plants vs. Zombies, on both sides of the conflict, and we need to download letters map to achieve the effect and attack the opponent. You can build your deck and customize the experience.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Marvel Future Fight is one of the latest games from Marvel on the iPhone (iOS) and Android, a sort of RPG with very neat butt, both in terms of graphics, the gameplay. Assemble your team of heroes and control them in varied maps the Marvel Universe.
    Marvel Future Fight

    Choose between Spider-Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Iron Man and many other heroes, with different versions and "skins" for fast fighting and exchange of asynchronous multiplayer via content. Despite strong opinion, the game is very fast and can be used in minutes.

    Fifa Mobile

    Fifa Mobile is renewed every year and the 2017 version is now available on mobile platforms. The famous football game has very close graphics that we see in the titles table console, but still surprises even the gameplay.
    Fifa 17 Mobile

    How is a football game, the matches can take a little bit more than in other games, although you can set the time you want for each encounter in the field. However, the simplified experience controls pleases.

    Asphalt 8 Airborne

    Asphalt 8 Airborne continues the famous series of racing games that values ​​the visual and speed. The new asphalt has numerous vehicles, high-level customization and tracks that can be enjoyed in several stretches.
    Asphalt 8 Airborne

    But keep in mind that the game is very heavy and take up much space on your device. Still, it is worth the amount of content already present, without the need to buy more, in addition to the new generation of graphics.

    Clash Royale

    Clash Royale is the game that continued the success of Clash of Clans and transforms the time-consuming strategy game in a fast and fun card game with defense towers. Simple and beautiful graphic style remains and rapid experience is maintained.
    Clash Royale
    Who played Clash of Clans will feel at home to see the same units, the characters and similar skills, but at the same time can give all this with a new strategy and type of gameplay. For its direct and dynamic system, the game is also fast and good to kill time.

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  • Pokémon GO Tips & Tricks: How to catch

    Pokémon GO Tips - How To Catch ‘em All (and More)Pokemon go

    Pokémon GO makes good on the promise of being able to find, capture, train, and battle Pokémon in the real world, and we’ve picked up a few handy tips and tricks to get you start edon your path to becoming a true Pokémon master.

    You’ve got to catch ‘em all and yes, that includes repeat Pokémon; it’s actually essential to leveling up your strongest of each specific breed.

    Each time you catch a Pokémon it comes with items called star dust and candy, which is specific to that breed. Amass enough candy and you evolve that Pokémon, dole out candy and star dust together and you can level it up.

    Simple, Whilst this isn’t an absolute guarantee, a good rule of thumb is that the bigger and more well known the landmark is, the better the loot you’ll find when you visit it.

    tips pokemon go pokestops gamerMost run of the mill Pokéstops will dole out two or three Pokéballs and, on occasion,the odd potion, but head to more significant places of interest and you’ll likely land more than three items or at least more useful/powerful items in a single visit.

    If you’re struggling to find more varied types of Pokémon, try changing terrain. Area sof green land like parks and fields usually feature rustling leaves.

    If you've seen them,that’s a hint that you’ve got a greater chance of catching something in that area. The same can be said bodies of water and even times of day, with fairy and ghost type Pokémon more common at night.

    When on the hunt for Pokémon in your current vicinity you may notice these little foot print icons and although the game never formally tells you this, they actually indicate howclose you are to that Pokémon.

    The fewer footprints there are, the more likely you are to encountering that specific Pokémon.

    The whole hook of Pokémon GO is that it places Pokémon in the real world, our world – and it does that by way of augmented reality - using your phone’s camera and positioning hardware to place a Pokémon in front of you, but depending on where they placed, it can some times be hard to aim and pin one down.

    If you’re having trouble on a particular pocket monster sometimes it pays to switch off the AR feature temporarily by swiping the toggle that appears during an encounter in the top right corner of the screen.

    It places the Pokémon into an all-virtual environment with no moving backgrounds for an easier shot.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, Pokémon GO requires active internet and GPS connections,as well as your phone’s screen to stay on for it to work completely and that means itcan be a bit of a battery hog.

    Lucky there’s a battery saver mode that turns the screen black, but not off if you turn the phone upside down.

    It means you can slip it in your pocket when you’re hunting for Pokémon and it’ll still buzz should one jump out at you, without wasting quiteso much power on that colourful interface.

    Think we’ve missed anything important or still have a burning Pokémon GO question,you can drop us a line down below in the comments, and you can read all of our features on Pokémon GO on Recombu. com/mobile.

    Thanks for watching

    Font: Channel Youtube Recombu

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  • New edition glasses VR redesign featured game Rift

    New edition glasses VR redesign featured game RiftOculus has included an imperative segment of gaming to its Rift and Gear VR headsets: accomplishments.

    A redesign highlighting the change will take off to all Oculus Home clients amongst now and the following couple of weeks; they'll see accomplishments from Minecraft, Anshar Wars 2, and Hitman Go immediately, with more engineers including them later on. Of course, clients will have the capacity to see what accomplishments their companions have opened, albeit new security settings will give individuals a chance to quit sharing that data.

    Oculus Home is still entirely stripped down contrasted with gaming stages like Steam, Xbox Live, or the PlayStation Network. On account of the Rift, various players will dispatch diversions through Steam rather than Oculus Home, so this won't make a big deal about a distinction to them. Also, numerous individuals presumably couldn't care less much about accomplishments by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, while there are positively terrible executions — like, perhaps don't destroy your sentiment subplot with a trophy — I happen to by and by adoration them. Here are some incredible things you can do with accomplishments:

    Clue at side journeys and Easter eggs without shoehorning guidelines specifically into an amusement

    Help me monitor enormous decisions I've made in story recreations that I play various times, through the span of years

    Unobtrusively recommend distinctive approaches I may discover fulfilling

    Make senseless meta-jokes about the way of accomplishments

    Make me like knowing I'm a piece of the 1.2 percent of players who figured out how to play out a gameplay assignment with some sort of amazingly subjective confinement, presumably with the assistance of a YouTube guide — this isn't mockery, I truly do like it

    So go forward, VR players and designers, and grasp this new world.

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  • Facebook announces gaming platform to compete with Steam

    Facebook announces gaming platform to compete with Steam gameroom

    Facebook announced Unity conference in Los Angeles, his 'Gameroom' platform, initially in beta geared for developers.

    The idea is to compete with the popular distribution service Steam PC gaming and will allow users to play various games on the web without getting out of the resources of the social network.

    Facebook will need even convince users on its platform of advantages and convince them to use it.

    The 'Gameroom', it is noteworthy, may end up becoming a tool to make the users are increasingly focused on Facebook. Allowing from creating ads specific to the live broadcast of game content.

    Challenge games platform facebook gameroom

    To avenge certainly Facebook will need strong partners in the project. If the idea is to compete with Steam that with only a few exceptions, brings virtually everything that exists on games for PC, since the larger games and investment to the independent ultra low budget, often developed by a single person in his time free.

    If the Facebook platform is limited to "Facebook games," the initiative is born dead.
    Challenge games platform facebook gameroom
    Remember that Facebook has stopped working with exclusive games meant for Android or iOS, but the social network believes achieve win users again with a single platform.

    The 'Gameroom' can be downloaded for Windows 7 or higher on this link gameroom.

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